Roy Inch & Sons Honoured for Work with Fort McMurray Wildfire Victims

February 10, 2017

When devastating wildfires caused the citizens of Fort McMurray to evacuate their homes, Peter Inch knew he had to do something. The General Manager of Roy Inch and Sons Service Experts decided to match any donations for the Fort McMurray community dollar for dollar. Roy Inch and Sons was ultimately able to raise and donate over $8200 to the Canadian Red Cross.

At the time, Inch said that the team at Roy Inch and Sons was honored to be able to donate the money to the families affected by the Fort McMurray wildfires. “I truly believe that we should help people in need. That’s what makes us Canadian,” said Inch. “When I heard about the devastation in Fort McMurray, it was a natural reaction to help. We have sister Service Experts locations in Alberta that suggested we help raise funds to support the many people in need from this tragedy. Our customers answered the call and gave generously.”


Several months after presenting the Canadian Red Cross with the check for the Fort McMurray community, Inch received a call saying he would be honored at the 25th Annual Night of Heroes in London, ON, an annual celebration of people, a celebration of heroes, and a celebration of achievement.

“I was in shock when I received the call to participate in the Night of Heroes from Community Living London,” said Inch. “I feel humbled by this recognition, but am also very honored to accept it on behalf of all my co-workers at Roy Inch & Sons Service Experts.”

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